T&N Tree Naturalists handles all tree service needs.  Trimming, shaping, and removal of all sized trees.  Our experience and dedication to your property and family’s safety set us apart from the rest.  Servicing Greater Reading Berks and Allentown Pennsylvania since 2001.




Invest in preventative tree removal. Don't open yourself and your family to hazardous trees.


Insurance Claims

Extensive experience handling insurance claims. Let us begin the process of putting your life back together.


Storm cleanup

Do not worry. Call T&N Tree Naturalists to take care of the cleanup.

Tree Climbing First Person View

Watch our tree service expert climb a tree and take it down from the climbers view.  Climbing gear, chainsaws, and rope work are all shown off here.

Tree Naturalists in bethlehem PA

Our Allentown PA crew worked to remove six trees from a backyard in Bethlehem. 

Watch our tree experts take these trees down limb by limb!



The Crane man

Our good friend The Crane Man decided to give us a visit. This monster of a tree stood at 120 feet boasting a 42-inch diameter base. However, this beast was not a match for the 165-foot Crane Man crane. 

Lifting our tree expert Josh into the air with the crane allowed us to quickly get to work on the first task. First, Josh secured the branch with a sling, and moved into position to cut a large portion of the branch off. Freeing the branch, the crane guided it to the ground avoiding the home. 

After removing the branches our tree expert Nick notched and fell the tree. Finally, bringing this behemoth to the ground! Our crew cut the remaining tree and began the chipping process. Ensuring your property is beautiful and clean.


Up Up Up ... how high does It go?

No tree is too high for our crew.  This is a great demonstration of the knowledge and experience of T&N Tree Naturalists.  

With our tree service experts utilizing safety gear and following safety regulations, our climbers climbed 90 plus feet into the air. 

The tree was tall and infested by carpenter ants.  Proving T&N Tree Naturalists can overcome the creepiest and scariest of obstacles. 

The danger of the tree hitting the home and outdoor play set, could definitely spill trouble for the whole family. Not to worry, our experts strategically take down every tree, knowing the dangers involved and ensuring your property and families safety.

A careful approach to your outdoor surroundings

This tree was over a fence and between two houses.  Using ropes, communication, and years of experience, we effectively took this tree down avoiding the historical wooden fence below.